Bureau of Thanks , 2013. "Gift object" used as part of performance-installation.

Bureau of Thanks, 2013. "Gift object" used as part of performance-installation.

About my work

I combine performance and installation art to sharpen and reawaken a bodily sense of space. The objects and architecture in my installations collaborate with bodies moving through them.

I think of bodies as sculptural objects in conversation with other objects and the space around them. Together, they frame forces and relationships that hold and support us but are invisible or unnoticed in daily life. Elementary forces, such as gravity, friction, and momentum, create states of suspension and uncertainty that make possible everything we do. I am fascinated by the way our bodies achieve stability through motion and how this enables change and adaption. We are geared for uncertainty.

I believe that awareness and attention to uncertainty in space and movement is a way to create possibilities for exchange and change in the ways we see ourselves and others. Body and mind are inseparable, and attention involves our entire organism, so I look for opportunities for shifts in perspective through an accumulation of small shifts of attention. My work aims to displace and dislodge the routine of time-space. I try to catch myself, as well as the viewer, in the act of perceiving space and movement. In becoming dislodged, may we become mindful of other spaces and other ways of seeing.